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Main Section - Watering Tips

Top Watering Tips
Please send in your watering tips not covered here.

1: Always water in the evening or in the early morning, this lets
the water penetrate to the roots before it evaporates and
prevents scorching of leaves and lawns

2: Use mulches such as wood chips, bark and gravel. They help
to prevent water evaporating and suppresses weeds, which in
turn saves on water and time spent weeding.

3: If you water plants and shrubs too often their roots will remain
shallow, weakening the plant. Leave them alone until they
show signs of wilting.

4: Regularly weed and hoe your garden, to ensure that watering
helps plants not weeds.

5: Drought tolerant plants such as ornamental grasses
don't need to be watered often.

6: Newly planted seeds need to be kept moist.
Water daily until they germinate.

7: Young vegetable and flower seedlings need water
every three days and mature plants require water
about once a week.

8: Reduce the risk of fungal disease by watering the base
rather than the top of the plants.

9: Plant flowers that thrive in hot and dry conditions
such as thyme, evening primrose, rock rose
Californian poppy, pinks, lavendar, buddleia
and hebes

10: Lawns can survive long periods of dry weather if
the grass is not cut too short. Even if the grass
turns brown, it will quickly recover after a few days.

11: Use your washing up water on your garden.

12: Root crops only need a steady supply of water
when their fruits or roots are swelling.

13: Most trees and shrubs only need watering
until they are established.

14: Water potted plants one to three times a week.

15: Water landscape shrubs every seven to 10 days
and be sure to soak them well.

16: When planting trees or large shrubs get a large
plastic bottle (preferably a 1.1/2 or 2 litre size)
Perforate all over with a knitting needle and sink it
in the ground beside the plant with the neck
projecting just above the soil level.
When watering you can fill the bottle and get water
down to the roots where it is most needed.
The container can be removed at a later date
when it is no longer needed.
Happy gardening. Peter J Collis.

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