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Main Section - Water Butts - 300 litre Super 'Square' Green Water Butt - Complete Kit

"300 litre Super 'Square' Green Water Butt - Complete Kit"
300 litre Super 'Square' Green Water Butt - Complete Kit

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Anonymous Rated: 5
Amazing delivery
Good sturdy product. Ordered today 11.50am and delivered at 7.00pm. Beat that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

paul wolf Rated: 5
super service
I ordered 2 butts on a bank holiday and they were here the next day, butts as advertised, good products and very good service. I will be ordering another soon.

Keith R Whitburn Rated: 5
Super Square 300L
Excellent product, competitively priced and superb customer service especially after sales

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The Graf 300 litre Super 'Square' Water Butt is our Best Seller.
It is constructed from polypropylene and has re-enforcement bars inside to support the walls of the Water Butt.
The Graf 300 litre Super Square Water Butt comes with pre-drilled holes for the Tap.
The Tap hole will be drilled on the wider section of the Water Butt (as per the picture below) but it can be drilled on the smaller side.
Unless you tell us the Tap hole will be drilled in the position as shown below.
We do not drill the hole for the Rain Diverter as we obviously wouldn't know where you will be placing it.

The Graf 300 litre Water Butt is sold as a complete kit and includes
the following:
  • Lid
  • White Tap
  • Stand
  • Black or White Rainwater Diverter.
  • Suitable for 68mm round & 65mm square plastic downpipes.
  • Diverter Bung.
    Manufactured by Graf.Graf Logo

    300 litre Super 'Square' Water Butt
Dimensions: Width x 727mm, Length x 632mm, Height x 840mm without stand, 1165mm with stand.
The Stand tapers in at the bottom.
Dimensions for top of the Stand: Length x 600mm, Width 465mm and the bottom of the Stand:
Length x 670mm, Width 530mm
Delivery cost is £18.95 + VAT (UK Mainland).
Current delivery time is 2-4 days
We strongly advise you to download our Water Butt Installation Instructions: Installation.pdf
(opens in a new window)
Important note: If there is a risk of frost/freezing temperatures you must empty the Water Butt.

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Our Price 109.80
( 91.50 ex.vat )

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